Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning

It is very important to keep your home clean for the health of your family. On a daily basis, we track dirt, bugs, mold, and bacteria into our homes. Mattresses and upholstered furniture are some of the biggest traps for all of this debris. They become filled with bacteria, allergens, and tiny bugs that multiply over time. We spend so much time on our furniture and mattresses that it is very important that they are clean and bacteria free. Our quality upholstery & mattress cleaning service can ensure that your furniture is safe and healthy for your family.

It is very important to have your mattresses and furniture cleaned by professionals. One of the biggest problems facing homes across the nation is bed bugs and other insects. Bed bugs make their homes in mattresses and furniture and quickly multiply becoming a problem that gets out of control. Bed bugs can be very easily brought into the home by staying in a hotel that has bed bugs or sitting in furniture somewhere else that has these bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a nearly impossible feat. Our professional cleaning service can eliminate the pain and hassle of trying to achieve this task. We will deep clean your upholstered furniture and mattresses, killing and eliminating all bugs and preventing that they breed again.

 It is very hard to clean a mattress or upholstered furniture beneath the surface. When we spill food or our pets have accidents, the fluids quickly absorb into the interior. Our quality upholstery and mattress cleaning service can deep clean your furniture and eliminate any trace of accidents.

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