Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

No Sticky Residue Left Behind

A carpet cleaning process called encapsulation will clean your flooring and promote better health benefits. With encapsulation low levels of water are used to get at stubborn, embedded dirt. This low moisture level procedure allows carpets to breathe better and dry faster.

When too much water gets into the carpet it doesn’t have a chance to dry properly because the padding often remains soaked and opens the potential for mold growth in your home. Mold growth is a health hazard which increases the risk of making your family ill.

During the encapsulation process the dirt is separated from surrounding residue by a crystalizing method. Instead of wet fibers becoming oily and attracting more dirt, the carpet dries much more quickly and results in a cleaner carpet. No sticky residue is left on the carpet. The chemical combination is formulated to combine the dirt fighting action of crystal polymers with carpet cleaning detergents.

Many homeowners overwhelmingly prefer the encapsulation process over steam carpet cleaning since it employs a dry shampoo application. Sometimes steam cleaning causes wicking of the carpet. This means too much water has been applied. Water penetration from below the carpets surface can also bring undetected debris up with it, causing carpets to get dirty quicker. The dry shampoo method crystalizes dirt and doesn’t leave a residue.


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